Robot & Robotnik

Augmented Reality & EEG Interactive Theatre Play

robot and robotnik

Robot & Robotnik fuses Augmented Reality technology with EEG technology, demonstrating the new concepts of human-machine interaction that can be applied to artistic projects. The new technologies reveal a new dimension of the perception of art, both for the spectators and the creators, offering new opportunities in the interaction of the spectator with the work in a completely unique and transcendental way.

The EEG technology takes us to the point of intersection between conscious and unconscious interaction. It is able to reflect the perception of the work not only at the level of consciousness or opinion formed in the mind of the spectator, but also as a more primary reaction of the spectator's brain.

The viewer is not always aware of the actions that can occur through the interaction of their brain waves, in relation to the work, this type of behavior can assign the viewer the role of a simple observer or a participatory creator.

The EEG technology constitutes a unique interface for the interaction and perception of art through brain reactions, establishing a new channel of communication, an initial phase of a possible future of technological 'telepathy'. An intuitive channel that allows us to overcome the physical framework of the interaction used in today's digital art.

Robot characters.

The story of the “Robot & Robotnik” is inspired by the theater play “R.U.R. - Rossum's Universal Robots” (1921) written by Karel Čapek.In Čapek´s drama the robots are in the war with the humanity, which culminates in the extinction of the human race. The play depicted the fear of technological evolution that experienced the society of early 20th century.

In the Neuro-ARt-Game “Robot & Robotnik” we adapt this scenario to refine and deliver the message in the context of today's society. With the intention to fade or completely extinguish the fear induced by the use of new technologies and to originate a reflection on our powers and positions that we can adopt in this "technological mental struggle." The game features the robot characters and humans characters “Robotnik”, which means “worker”. The human characters have a different morphology which represent a whole humanity. The robots are designed as a cold metallic entities which posses a primitive artificial intelligence. They share the same virtual space on a round scenario, simulating a circular theater, where the user can move freely and observe the the installation from 360 degrees.

The characters play their role depending on the mental state of user, which has the power to maintain the state of peace or war between the humans and robots. The state of meditation grants the peaceful behavior and the high attention level in addition to the lack of meditation induce the characters to persecute each other. The state of the persecution is reinforced by the sound and light effects. Employing the technology of AR and EEG enables the direct connection between user and artwork which creates a mutual influence. ​

Human characters.


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