Putney Ponozky c.2

Manusamo&Bzika, Ricardo Climent & Mark Pilkington

Augmented & Virtual Reality Art Installation - Inmersive Environment Game- Audio for Real-time Musical Composition


The idea of Putney Ponozky c.2 has arisen from the collaboration of the art and research group Manusamo & Bzika with the composer Ricardo Climent (NOVARS Research Centre, University of Manchester, UK). It began as an interactive installation of Augmented & Virtual Reality destined to the exhibition space and has evolved to reach the format of an interactive concert, incorporating the musician Mark Pilkington.

The Augmented &Virtual Reality installation Putney Ponozky transcended to the stage space in an interactive concert format. Apart from its already established convergence of the Virtual and Augmented Realities, it has counted with the professional musician Mark Pilkington, who played an original VCS3 synthesizer for this event. Putney Ponozky c.2 was presented at 12. Mostra Sonora "AssonĂ ncies", in Sueca, Valencia, in May 2016, and later at Sines & Squares Festival, Manchester (UK) in November 2016.

Putney Ponozky c.2 explores the extension of the perception of reality, transcending the borders between Virtual and Augmented Reality and seeking a link between both technologies, focused on the use of common physical space, a space shared by both worlds through auditory perception. While the virtual environment simulates a space that can be explored by the user from physical immobility, the Augmented Environment places virtual elements in the context of the projected image.

The immersion and the drifts carried out in both environments contribute to the unison of sound creation, converting the space, both virtual and physical, into a kind of 'navigable score', a spatial register of interactive musical composition. The navigable scores create a sound structure that can be fortuitous, or be directed intentionally following the visual cues or the guided interactions to complete this musical game.

The scenography used as a score simulates a realistic landscape through which the player can take different rouetes in search of the collectables elements. We can observe how this scenography full of plants and trees has a realistic aspect to the naked eye, but it actually hides different morphologies composed of electronic elements.

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Putney Ponozky c.2- scheme
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Putney Ponozky c.2
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Putney Ponozky c.2
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Putney Ponozky c.2
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Putney Ponozky c.2
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Putney Ponozky c.2